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Hummus goes in the category of, “This is so easy to make, why on earth would you buy the pre-made stuff that’s so inferior?” I have brownies in that category, but hummus is so much easier to make than brownies.       Ingredients 1 can garbanzo beans, liquid drained and reserved 1/2 of the drained liquid 1/4 c tahini 2 cloves garlic minced fine 2T lemon juice 1/4t ground cumin 1t kosher salt Instructions 1. put all ingredients in the bowl of any food processor 2. process to desired consistency (add a bit more of the reserved liquid to thin the hummus if desired) 3. scrape the sides of the bowl and pulse a few more times Options -for hot hummus (which is awesome), add 1/2 of a jalapeƱo after processing, then pulse a few more times -add 1/2 of an avocado for hummus that’s gross looking … Read entire article »

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Szechuan Turkey – The One and Only

Szechuan Turkey – The One and Only

I’ve been making the Szechuan Turkey recipe since I first discovered it in the Chicago Tribune in 1995. Nothing I make gets more oohs and ahhs when I describe it than this does. I love it when people ask me, before Thanksgiving or Christmas, “Are you making a turkey?” Because I can answer dramatically, “Oh yeah! In fact, It’s been marinating for 3 days now.” Hearing that I would actually marinate a turkey (marinate, with … Read entire article »

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It took 50 years for me to learn to grill and bake?

Well, not 50 years total. From age 10 to age 18 I made mostly Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Banquet Frozen Fried Chicken and the occasional fried bologna sandwich. Around 19 one of my best buddies introduced me to vegetables (What do you mean, fresh? They make vegetables that don’t come from a can?), starting with the Heartland Cafe in Chicago (Rogers Park). That opened up a whole new world of food. Shortly thereafter another friend gave me a vegetarian cookbook (Vegetarian Gourmet Cookery by Alan Hooker…still in print!) It was probably the first cookbook I ever owned, and used. I learned to cook a lot of things relatively well over the next 30 years. My spinach lasagna was a family gathering favorite for years. I figured out Chinese (thanks to Leann Chinn … Read entire article »

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